Thursday, 28 November 2013

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a short documentary film “The Quotidian Ballad ” from India, DIRECTED by Patdeep Chaudhuri.

"In the fertile river basin of West Bengal, India, life survives on river. Occasionally river deracinates them with their culture. The spring or summer leaves the river dry, their earnings also. But still on the last month of Hindu Almanac "Chaitra", these destitute gather to celebrate "Charak" festival in adoration of Lord Shiva.
Facing and Ballads are prime characteristics of “Charak” include makeup of Hindu Gods, demons, joker etc. The Ballads represents extracts from Hindu mythology and epic, relevant in mundane life. Inspired by the great grantor "Karna" of the Hindu Epic mahabharata, these impecunious people donate veneration and anguish of hunger. Their donation will continue for ages to come despite of poverty and hunger to practice this culture till death in exchange of audience admiration only. The revolution of "Charak" continues with the expectation that the future generation, enlightened by education will sustain their culture in a better way."

Country:  India

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