Monday, 11 November 2013

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a short film "Bhook - Ek Sattya" from India, DIRECTED by Rajesh B. Wavhal.

"This is a realistic story of one “Adivasi” Family in which the mother & her son, are living togather, a lonely life.The main earning person (father) is no more & his thirteen yrs.old son-“Sukya” & mother of Sukya ie. Sulee, “How they are facing
starvation”? “ Sulee” (mother of Sukya) is earning a very little by doing job of cleaning dirty utensils of families in that village. Whatever left & remnants of food; she collects & with that helping her son “Sukya” to fulfill his hunger.However one day she her self & “Sukya” doesn`t get anything to eat & at the same time “Sulee” is running ill health too .They sleep without eating any food that day.Hence “Sukya” tries very hard to get food from the village by going to many eventful places.The story shows that “Hunger” is the only truth of poor people...."

Country:  India