Tuesday 31 December 2013

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a short film “Day Trip To London” from United Kingdom, DIRECTED By Annabel Herbert.

"A light hearted look at the cultural clashes between the Eastern man and the Western woman. Raja is a handsome young man from Mumbai wanting to escape the cultural confines of his Indian society and experience adventures of a more hedonistic nature than his family would approve. Marianne is a performance artist who has caught his attention with her exotic butterfly dance online. Marianne is a true romantic, and is looking for love. Raja is a good time boy looking for fun. This is the story of what happens when Raja comes to visit Marianne."

Country:  UK

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a short film “CHANGE” from INDIA, DIRECTED By Rajendra Vinod.

"CHANGE short film is based on DUALITY. Duality is a concept which is applicable to every aspect in this universe, Even the universe is made up of duals, one is the contraction and other is the expansion. Likewise, life is full of duals. One such dual is change and routine. Change is the rule of life but routine is what we do in life."

Country:  India

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a short film “JAZBAAT” from INDIA, DIRECTED By SHOAIB KHAN & SHRADDHA PATIL.

"There are times in our life when situations go beyond our control. Everything seems to be a mess.In such situations it’s very important to stay calm and face them. But unfortunately many a times people fail to do it and fall prey to addiction. Jazbaat is the story of a guy named Arhav who spoils his life owing to his addictions. But he is lucky enough to get a second chance in his life. A friend helps him revive his life.Life is a game of emotions and we are an inseparable part of it. These emotions make us do anything. They are bigger than any relationship."

Country:  India

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a short film “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” from INDIA, DIRECTED By SHEETAL SHETTY.


Country:  India

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a music video “ IGNITION” from INDIA, DIRECTED By Hareen Nillesh Doshi.

"A battle against a man and his inner-self. A self controlled man is defied by his suppressed self to promote himself as a society perfect person. A nerdy looking character and his battle of understanding and dealing with the real side of himself"

Country:  India

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a short film “The Last Night” from INDIA, DIRECTED By Kunal Suvarna.

"Aahan is out to avenge a personal loss. Little does he know, the opposition is much stronger than him. Does he get his revenge? What’s the purpose of this revenge? And who is his powerful nemesis? The Last Night is a dark suspense thriller which answers all of these questions."

Country:  India

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a short film “Delhi 16 December 2012 ” from INDIA, DIRECTED By Suparna Sarkar and Salim Khan.

"Deeba is a young girl living with her family in one of the busiest area of Delhi. After her father’s death she is the sole bread earner for her family. Her Ammi is a housewife, who loves to watch daily soaps on television while Sheeba, the younger sister, is keen on to become a fashion model, as her studies finish soon. Like most of the working girls in a big city, Deeba has adjusted to several problems, coming on her way to office and home every day, just by the virtue of being a woman and accepting it as a part of the city life. Their everyday routine seems to be fixed by the wall clock. But then comes the night of 16 December, which turns around their lives forever; thrashing their dreams and challenging the values they were brought up with and adapted to."

Country:  India

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a short film “What the Luck” from INDIA, DIRECTED By Prathamesh Patil.

"The film consists of three parallel stories happening on the same day in the same city i.e Mumbai and how luck played an important role in these stories. It shows how the lives of people in these stories get connected through series of incidents that happen on that day. The Film focuses on the luck factor which plays an important role in the day to day lives of the people.The beginning of the film itself gives us the hint that the film is going to be a suspense thriller . The plot revolves around a stolen maharani's necklace . The main characters in the film are Kareem , a smuggler , Jhumroo and Daaya who are pickpocketers and small time thieves and Naina , A media planner in an ad agency. The story shows how the lives of these characters are interestingly linked with each other and as the title suggests , luck has its own part in the movie. The film is set in the 21st century , Mumbai. The film conveys a simple message that "something will happen regardless , no matter what we plan" "

Country:  India

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a short film “Duniya Badi Gol Hai” from INDIA, DIRECTED By Pranav Bhasin.

"A Terrorist is caught after an attack and is brought into an interrogation. Watch to see how the interrogation goes about, In a Country like India"

Country:  India

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a short film “Bal Govinda” from INDIA, DIRECTED By Mayur Jadhav.

"This story is about an old man who used to stay alone in his house and once on the occasion of gokulashtami he was watching dahihandi function from his window. The entire process of breaking the dahihandi was making him anxious. He then tied dahihandi in his house with lot of perseverance and eventually breaks it in the memory of his grandson who met with an accidental death in dahihandi."

Country:  India

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a short film “DAAWA” from INDIA, DIRECTED By AASHUTOSH BHOSEKAR.

" 'Daawa', by definition is the rope used to tie household bulls in rural regions of Maharashtra The film revolves around Taanya, a youth from a small village. The big city life has painted a rosy picture in front of him. Constantly illuding success even after being a graduate, people deserting the village for a life in the city, and the pressure to succeed created by his family is making him feel tied by 'Daawa'. The film is about Taanya realizing that life is nothing but a journey connecting two voids - beginning and the end."

Country:  India

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a Feature film “WAKYA” from INDIA, DIRECTED By Deepak Kadam.

‘’ 'WAKYA'…
Ghumya along with his wife Sushi and son Sonya is a wanderer who keeps seeking his livelihood of provision and alms from village to village.
But he did not aspire a gruesome life as an inheritance for his son ,hence he decides to educate his son.His wife too supports him.But father Pandba and mother Rakhma oppose him and remind him of their ancestral tradition.
Not heeding to them Ghumya takes his son to school.But on the advice of Kadambai that he will have shed his wander life and be settled in the village,he puts up his petition to the village Patil (village chief ).
The village chief offers him a house amongst his field for accommodation .
But following this as per the Government Housing Scheme that can provide an individual his own house ,he pursues it to acquire his own home.
But lack of Govt. proofs of Ration card, Identity card ,Birth certificate ,Community proof etc .give him a setback.
At that juncture ,the monsoon prevails and the dilapidated house that Patil had given him turns ruined.
Simultaneously he learns of the Govt.announcement that Govt. is providing a reimbursement as a rehabilitation for all those whose houses have collapsed due to monsoon onslaught .He sees it as his last hopeful opportunity and demolishes the remaining backwall of his house.
But as the house belonged to Patil it’s reimbursement for the house ,would go in favour of Patil is told to him by the Gramsevak.
Sadly he returns home.
Now what?
Will Ghumya ever get a house of his own?
Will he be able to educate his son?

Country:  India

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a short film “Damaged Goods” from Netherlands, DIRECTED By Harm Weistra.

"Written comments, posted on YouTube and for this video in dialogue articulated by two voice actors, are the starting point of Damaged Goods. These comments seem to guide the movements of two male dancers, gradually influencing to what extent they dare to live their life."

Country:  Netherlands

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a short film “EXPRESSION” from USA, DIRECTED By SANJAY ARORA & RAMANA MUDEGANTI.

“ 'Love doesn’t need any verbal language. It’s an expression!' Karan and his best buddy Sachin head to Moscow to celebrate Sachin’s last days of bachelorhood. Karan, however, is still depressed over the break-up with his girlfriend months before, and thus spends a lot of time in the hotel bar, drinking his sorrows away. There, he meets a beautiful bartender who only speaks Russian, yet he strongly wants to talk to. Over the course of several hours, they develop a warm bond, ultimately finding ways to communicate and discovering things in common despite such divergent national cultures. Sonya’s warmth and smile win Karan over and he decides to stay in Moscow, to pursue his ‘chance at love’. Drawing pictures, holding hands and deep, meaningful gazes bring the movie to a close, showing the viewer that Karan and Sonya, despite lacking a common language, have a great future ahead."

Country:  USA

Monday 30 December 2013

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a short documentary film “Shanty Town” from India, DIRECTED By - Devvrat Mishra.

"Shanty Town is a documentary film that gives an insight into life in a slum in India. With a large population inhabiting slums, it is necessary to know how people live, what challenges people face while living in a slum. A slum has always been termed as a place with less than bare necessities and a place unfit for living. Unhygienic surroundings, bad terrain and a lot more things makes it a place people won't even wish to visit, but then some of them are forced to live there, spend their entire life in a place like that. Shanty Town gives us a thorough visit from the point of view of a man who has been living in a civilized world with all the day to day necessities. When such a man
visits a slum and interacts with the residents, and tries to understand the life in a slum, he rather than feeling sorry about the state of the place, the people are living in, feels inspired and motivated acknowledging the attitude and hard work these people possess, that they have been facing all
these difficulties and they are still willing to. The people residing in a slum have accepted their life."

Country:  India

Sunday 29 December 2013

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a short film “Road Of Spero” from India, DIRECTED by Anshul Sinha.

"The movie revolves around the struggle of farmers financial constraints in educating their kids and their journey of going through the education system with lack of facilities to enable 
their skills. How did the main character manage his struggle? Did he finish strong? Did he fight the system? How he managed is financial problems? Did he loose hope and committed suicide in his struggle? To see how he finished is journey is our movie Road 
of Spero."

Country:  India

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a short film “THE BLIND IMAGE” from India, DIRECTED by Anshul Sinha.

"The short film is about a blind a man who is having an image of his country in his mind, but due to his blindness he is unable to bring changes in his country. He is trying to create an image of his country in the mind of his fellow citizens. With the help of which some changes can be brought in the country."

Country:  India

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a short film “LAPET” from India, DIRECTED by Anshul Sinha.

"4 kids from different religion running behind one kite."

Country:  India

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a short film “THE PITCH” from Italy, DIRECTED by Andrea Cossi, Matteo Cossi.

"Ben is a twenty something doorkeeper who has always dreamt to become a screenwriter. When a day an important producer comes to the building where he works, he decides to pitch his movie with the help of his best friend and co-worker Charles."

Country:  Italy

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a short film “How To Kill My Boyfriend ” from Italy, DIRECTED by Alfonso Perugini.

"Three months have passed after John (Eric Paterniani) attempted to kill his girlfriend Alex (Veronica Nolte) in the first chapter of the saga (How To Kill My Girlfriend). Now, they are having good time together and thinking of going to the altar; but John's best friend Andy (Al Danuzio) as always will bring troubles in his friend's relationship with suspicious betrayals, misunderstandings, new scenarios and character. Everything seems to bring Alex to decision to leave, or better kill, John. But at the last second love will triumph above all."

Country:  Italy

Saturday 28 December 2013

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a short Documentary film “We Win or We Die” from USA, DIRECTED by Matthew Millan.

"February, 2011. The people of eastern Libya revolt against the brutal regime of Moammar Gaddafi. Yet standing in the way of liberation is the 2-mile sprawling fortress known as The Katiba. For 30 years, the Katiba has stood as a symbol of terror in Benghazi. Holding hundreds of soldiers and heavy artillery, it stands ready to rain death down upon the protesters. And on February 18th, the heavy guns fire. Soon the protests turn into full-scale rebellion, and the people of Benghazi know that the Rubicon has
been crossed. If they move forward toward the fortress, they would die. And if they retreat, they would meet the same fate.
WE WIN OR WE DIE is the story of an ordinary Libyan who understands that there is but one way to stop the bloodshed. One way to gain freedom. The sprawling fortress, the Fist of Gaddafi, the Katiba must fall..."

Country:  USA

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a short film “Mehmaan - The Guests” from India, DIRECTED by Prasad Mathkar.

"A young couple desperate to make a quick buck after been laid off and with plans to marry against family will decide to rob a rich middle aged man living by himself in the suburbs of Mumbai. They make a plan and do their homework. The plan is simple; pose as MBA students who are conducting door to door surveys for their research project on spending habits of the upper middle class population and rob this white collared rich man at his own plush apartment. They are in the house as planned one late evening as the guy is back from work, but what follows is something they were not ready for because it was something they had never imagined."

Country:  India

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a short film “A dream called America” from India, DIRECTED by Anoop Sathyan.

" A dream called America’ is made on Shahbaz, a 15-year-old boy from Gujarat, India. He is the third among the five children of his father Aftab who makes a living by repairing cycles on a footpath. Shahbaz had studied in the US for a year on a scholarship, where an American couple hosted him. The one-year he spent in US changed his attitude as he experienced a very comfortable and carefree life than his real home. After reaching India, he badly wants to go back and settle in US, leaving his parents in a dilemma."

Country:  India

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a short film “O2” from India, DIRECTED by Akshay Sonthalia.

The Film is based on a person with an unheard of medical condition, which cannot be traced back by the Dr.’s even thousands of years back in time. The person grows to become a independent and sole evidence of such a case. It is about his life as it progresses and grows up. The film revolves around a meeting which this personality exhales his presence with another with a similar characteristics which are almost mirror like yet very unique.
The film concludes on a victorious note, where the antagonist succeeds. As it happens, it is also the protagonist’s victory and overall, it spreads a social message of rebelling against various social causes in a mild way."
Country:  India

Monday 23 December 2013

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a short film“Ayuta:Inseparable” from India, DIRECTED by Rupesh Ratna Umaria.

" A married couple on the verge of separation rediscover love on a day in their lives."
Country:  India