Sunday, 22 December 2013

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a Feature film “Pyaari Dulhan: Beautiful Bride ” from India, DIRECTED by Sharmila Sankar.

"Donkeys have feelings too!Pyaari loves two things in life. Her master Ramu, the dhobi - and watermelons. Life is blissful until Ramu meets Rosy, the new village nurse. Love at first sight. Pyaari is suddenly neglected, ignored and beaten. She decides, donkey or no donkey, no other woman is going to take her place.
Suddenly, Ramu\'s life falls apart. Pyaari raids the watermelon cart and chews huge holes in his customers clothes. Sachin, the shopping mall contractor, has eyes on Rosy. He is building a shopping mall in the village. Meena, the watermelon seller, will go to any length to become Ramu\'s bride.Ramu is soon deep in debt and in the middle of a big scandal.The village elders decree – pay up in one week - or leave the village. Ramu\'s house and donkey will be sold. If he wishes to remain – he must marry Meena.
His love gone - his friends gone – his money gone – his home going for sure - Ramu decides to end it all. Pyaari relents and brings Rosy to his rescue. But the deadline still stands – and they have no money.Sachin the contractor, gives Ramu an impossible challenge. He must move enough bricks to the mall construction site by sunset. Otherwise he will not get one penny. Pyaari puts her heart into the task. They load and carry under the blazing sun but she collapses under the strain. It is up to Ramu and Rosy to complete the task."

Country:  India

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