Tuesday, 31 December 2013

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a short film “EXPRESSION” from USA, DIRECTED By SANJAY ARORA & RAMANA MUDEGANTI.

“ 'Love doesn’t need any verbal language. It’s an expression!' Karan and his best buddy Sachin head to Moscow to celebrate Sachin’s last days of bachelorhood. Karan, however, is still depressed over the break-up with his girlfriend months before, and thus spends a lot of time in the hotel bar, drinking his sorrows away. There, he meets a beautiful bartender who only speaks Russian, yet he strongly wants to talk to. Over the course of several hours, they develop a warm bond, ultimately finding ways to communicate and discovering things in common despite such divergent national cultures. Sonya’s warmth and smile win Karan over and he decides to stay in Moscow, to pursue his ‘chance at love’. Drawing pictures, holding hands and deep, meaningful gazes bring the movie to a close, showing the viewer that Karan and Sonya, despite lacking a common language, have a great future ahead."

Country:  USA

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