Tuesday, 31 December 2013

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a Feature film “WAKYA” from INDIA, DIRECTED By Deepak Kadam.

‘’ 'WAKYA'…
Ghumya along with his wife Sushi and son Sonya is a wanderer who keeps seeking his livelihood of provision and alms from village to village.
But he did not aspire a gruesome life as an inheritance for his son ,hence he decides to educate his son.His wife too supports him.But father Pandba and mother Rakhma oppose him and remind him of their ancestral tradition.
Not heeding to them Ghumya takes his son to school.But on the advice of Kadambai that he will have shed his wander life and be settled in the village,he puts up his petition to the village Patil (village chief ).
The village chief offers him a house amongst his field for accommodation .
But following this as per the Government Housing Scheme that can provide an individual his own house ,he pursues it to acquire his own home.
But lack of Govt. proofs of Ration card, Identity card ,Birth certificate ,Community proof etc .give him a setback.
At that juncture ,the monsoon prevails and the dilapidated house that Patil had given him turns ruined.
Simultaneously he learns of the Govt.announcement that Govt. is providing a reimbursement as a rehabilitation for all those whose houses have collapsed due to monsoon onslaught .He sees it as his last hopeful opportunity and demolishes the remaining backwall of his house.
But as the house belonged to Patil it’s reimbursement for the house ,would go in favour of Patil is told to him by the Gramsevak.
Sadly he returns home.
Now what?
Will Ghumya ever get a house of his own?
Will he be able to educate his son?

Country:  India

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