Thursday, 19 December 2013

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a short film “The Ahh ” from India, DIRECTED by SIDDHARTH DHAKRE.

"In the middle of the chilly night, when the world around him is sound asleep, a handicapped beggar wakes up on street. He looks around for source of help to get rid of the suffering he is going through. Within the process of how he manages to get his needed healing, one of the biggest problems in today’s world comes across.
As the world around us is evolving and science is only getting better, the negligence of balanced ecosystem is silently denting us. ‘The Ahh’ in spite of being a simple story makes a big noise, questioning the world we are living in today. It reminds us how selfish this era of humanity has become.
‘The Ahh’ is a thought provoking film that tries to make people aware about the need of an hour. Tries to be part of that huge change of attitude required by today’s generation for the ones coming in future."

Country:  India

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