Thursday, 19 December 2013

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a short film “No End Of” from India, DIRECTED by SIDDHARTH DHAKRE.

"‘No End Of’ is a science fiction drama that explores the myths and mysteries of the universe. It teases the concepts of parallel universe through the eyes of a young boy, who finds himself waking up in an unknown land. Finding an old mysterious television around makes him curious. However, what he discovers later scares him to the core.
It’s been years that scientists are digging deep into scriptures, solar system and fossils of ancient world to find answers to questions hovering around universe. ‘No End Of’ is a slice of fantasy in that zone. It’s a depiction of an imagination where humans are controlled by some external force through different eras of technology.
The movie is an attempt to make an individual think about the possibilities of the never ending layers of universe. It tries to make you think about your existence and the control of your life and the situations you end up being in."

Country:  India

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