Tuesday, 31 December 2013

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a short film “Delhi 16 December 2012 ” from INDIA, DIRECTED By Suparna Sarkar and Salim Khan.

"Deeba is a young girl living with her family in one of the busiest area of Delhi. After her father’s death she is the sole bread earner for her family. Her Ammi is a housewife, who loves to watch daily soaps on television while Sheeba, the younger sister, is keen on to become a fashion model, as her studies finish soon. Like most of the working girls in a big city, Deeba has adjusted to several problems, coming on her way to office and home every day, just by the virtue of being a woman and accepting it as a part of the city life. Their everyday routine seems to be fixed by the wall clock. But then comes the night of 16 December, which turns around their lives forever; thrashing their dreams and challenging the values they were brought up with and adapted to."

Country:  India

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