Wednesday, 11 December 2013

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a short film “The Third Eye” from India, DIRECTED by SIDDHARTH DHAKRE.

"‘The Third Eye’ revolves around a day in life of a starving beggar in search of something to eat. Having not eaten anything in days, he tries to beg, borrow and steal in the quest to somehow fulfill his stomach, but fails. Saddened by his state, he decides to give up. He decides to cut open his starving stomach through a knife and end his hunger once and for all. That’s when he receives a helping hand, asking him to follow into the other side, where food is not just need but a luxury.
Parallel to the luxurious world we live in, where food is a easy access. There is a world of poverty. ‘The Third Eye’ helps us witness that world. On broader level it gives us an important message from God. The message of seeing yourself in everybody. It tells us that God never leaves alone anybody who follow his teachings and is always there to protect them."

Country:  India

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