Friday 13 December 2013

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a short film “Kissa” from India, DIRECTED by GAURAV SADH.

"When India was divided in two parts back in 1947, it wasn’t just the land that was divided. There was a lot more that was split up during that time. The relationships, unity and brotherhood was ripped apart into pieces. Kissa unfolds the story of two best friends separated by their fathers during partition. The religious hatred had destroyed the deep friendship they shared since childhood. Years later, in 1960, a friend from Pakistan travels to India to meet his long lost friend. With him he carries a gift and an explanation to an old question his friend used to ask.
Kissa puts across the strong message of love, peace and brotherhood. It gives us the picture of emotions that a common man goes through, when big political decisions are taken. It tells us that we might be divided by nation, but our roots and origins are same. That there is no bigger language than love in this whole world."

Country:  India

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