Friday, 22 November 2013

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a short film “Neti Neti - Not This Not This” from India, DIRECTED by Dr.Sudeep Ranjan Sarkar.

"NETI NETI-NOT THIS NOT THIS’ is all about the eternal seek of human kind. Is all that we perceive real? Isn’t life a cosmic dream? It is time we seek the eternal truth that has eluded us. The protagonist Neena faces the questions in her dream, wherein she assumes the identities of a grave digger, a ‘Dom’, a child, an old lady and a prostitute, a Baul singer. In her dream she also appears as a witness, and sees God through her belief patterns. She is confused when she perceives a nameless being playing dice with God and herself. All these and more leave her perplexed. Truth as Neena realizes is ‘Endless Genesis in the sea of Nirvana."

Country:  India

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