Sunday, 24 November 2013

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a short film “Song Of The Mountain” from India, DIRECTED by Shrutismriti Changkakoti.

"Rekha Baruah, who has lost her husband and foetus in her womb in a car accident in Bangalore, has been suffering from restlessness. After coming back to her home town Guwahati two months back one day she decides to visit the village on the top of the hill that she used to visit with her husband. She books a car from a travel agency and starts her journey. After landing upon the place she goes on a thoughtful conversation with the car driver. Eventually she listens to a folk song in his mobile phone and starts recalling herself when she was a child how her grandmother and mother used to sing lullaby for her. It’s like an inherent quality of the ladies of her family. But who does get the beautiful opportunity to listen to her? Will Rekha sing lullaby for some one?"

Country:  India

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