Sunday, 24 November 2013

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a feature film “SAT NAA GAT” from India, DIRECTED by RAJU PARSEKAR.

"This is the story of Nami- the wife of a blacksmith from village KERLE in block Radhanagari in District Kolhapur in Maharashtra state in India in the year 1992.The entire village drooled over Nami as she was pretty and attractive. Nami’s husband had quit working and used to while away his time drinking and gambling. Nami has to work a maid so as to make two ends meet.Police inspector Asole lusts for Nami. He is known to bed the woman he chooses.Asole hatches a plot and brings Nami to the police station and rapes her. The Associate Editor of the Weekly ‘Samachar’ Mr. Wable understands about the rape and he prints it in ‘Samachar’; thus raising a storm in the block. The entire village gathers around Nami’s house from the day news is printed and her life become miserable. Nami’s life has turned into hell. She is thrown out of her job. Her children are starving. She is summoned to the police station repeatedly for enquiry. There is not a morsel to eat and police are stationed outside her home for security reasons.News of poor woman being raped in the Chief Minister’s village spreads like fire from the Block to the District and then eventually throughout the State. IS WABLE SUCCESSFUL IN SPITE OF THE POLITICIANS AND THE POLICE DEPARTMENT…..? DOES NAMI INDEED GETS JUSTICE….??"

Country:  India

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