Monday, 16 March 2015

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a Feature Film “Cheers Marathe” from India, Directed By Vijay Nikam.

Excited and nervous at the same time, Shradhha is just about to begin working in her uncle’s firm, when she comes to know that her uncle has organized a picnic cum party for his entire staff at a hotel that’s a few hours away from the office. Although she has been invited, she hesitates and finally decides not to go there. She is a bit bothered by the fact that this could have been a good chance to get to better know the people whom she will be working with, but things take a whole new turn when she gets an anonymous phone call.She is forced to go to the picnic. Why? Under what circumstances does she reach there? What does she witness over there? What does she discern from what she witnesses there? How does all this ultimately affect her personality? And more importantly, what is the hidden truth among all these things, the mere knowledge of which is beyond her endurance. Let us see!

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