Monday, 30 March 2015

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a Feature Film “Objection My God” from India, Directed By Amit Khan.

Amar Joshi is the main protogonist of this film. However,it is not just the story of Amar Joshi alone, it relates to all common people. This could be your story or mine or anybody else living on this earth. This is a story of discrimination that god has shown for human beings. Someone is so beautiful and someone is ugly? Luck shines on someone\'s life while someone else struggles with misfortune. Some are born with golden spoon while others spend their lives in pursuit of bread. Why? Why this discrimination? Why human beings are so different in so many respects? All of us are troubled with these questions; Amar Joshi was also one of them. But he was lucky enough to get a chance to ask all these questions to God in his court. This is a remarkable tale of Amar Joshi, a story that surprises at every turn.

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