Monday, 30 March 2015

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a Short film “Ardhaviram” from India, Directed By Sujit Jadhav.

What do we do when we talk? Like we carelessly use our ready available organs, the same way are we not treating the ready available ‘language’? Have we stopped ‘understanding’ even before speaking? With the use since thousands of years, each of our word has now many meanings, and they are breaking the bonds between us. Being treated by this, Kedar, the protagonist of movie, asks the audience, “When I speak, do you hear me or see me?” He thinks that if the answer is “we hear”, then it is horrible. The language is no more interesting, it is not creating anything new, it is not “communicating”...He is frustrated with anger to know this. He wants to get out of this trapped lingual situation. This movie illustrates us what he does while attempting it, what he fights with to achieve it. In his struggle, he finds out a possibility...! We to get along with Kedar in his journey of finding possibility of ‘communication’...

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