Thursday, 26 March 2015

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a Feature Film “Panhala” from India, Directed By Nagesh Bhosle.

History writes the present and decides the future . . . if allowed.Two young couples Ajay, Sneha, Madhavi and Swastik, each with troubled pasts, literally crash into one another when their cars meet with a bizarre accident at Panhala, a hill-station in Western Maharashtra.The hurt, the pain, the betrayals and the bruised egos due to incidents in the past are causing untold harm to the couples and their future seems bleak. The four of them seem to have reached a point of no return . . . except . . There is just one man standing between them and complete ruin . . . and that is Balkrishna Guide. Through the tales of Zhunzharrao’s struggle, Balkrishna Guide urges the couples to jettison their past for a bright future.And what better place to forget history than the now forgotten ruins of Fort of Panhala.

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