Thursday, 26 March 2015

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a Feature Film “The Indian Post Graduate” from India, Directed By Krishna Gopal.

Sudheer, a young M.A degree holder, prepares for civil services and lives in Allahabad. He drops his studies due to economical crisis and moves to Mumbai to support his poor farmer father. Sudheer has been rejected from all interviews because he had not any professional education or experience. Puttan is a Police officer son, whom Sudheer used to teach. Now Puttan has gotten job. He offers Sudheer to run his closed coaching institute as his gratitude for Sudheer’s teaching. Arti,an young girl, preparing for She has been taken care by her paternal aunt (Bua) due to death of her mother. Arti is more ambitious but her Bua’s only ambition is to get Arti married as soon as possible. Arti rebels for her Bua’s decision.Sudheer gives advertisement for the post of tutor. Somehow Arti finds this advertisement and applies for the job. She gets it.



  2. Every youth should watch this film..the synopsis tells everything.I am waiting