Thursday, 26 March 2015

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a short Film “Selfie" from India, Directed By Ramchandra Gaonkar.

Every moment of the day, we are surrounded by people who judge us, who dictate who we are. We actually mould ourselves to suit their expectations. But is it not unfair to the person within us? We tend to measure our own selves in accordance with what others think we are. It is essential that we peek into our “selfie” & know the actual person within. You know yourself better than anybody does. This is exactly what the director Ramchandra Gaonkar attempts to say through this short-film “Selfie”.  There are two sides to this story. One is of a man who goes deeper & deeper into self-doubt because of some external circumstances & another is of a man, who despite being in similar circumstances, confidently stands by his own self.

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