Sunday, 5 January 2014

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a short Social Awareness Film “TUKA MHANE - Says TUKA” from INDIA, DIRECTED By Ashish Sudhir More.

"We're all hypocrites in some way or the other. All of us! And in order to rid ourselves of that guilt, or often out of sheer obliviousness, we try to shroud our 
hypocrisy under lies we tell ourselves. But we cannot keep escaping from the truth for long; it does catch up while we're least expecting it, and it's often told
to us by people we're least expecting it from.Tuka Mhane explores one such experience between two everyday characters.It is neither bold nor dictative. Neither disturbing nor funny. It's a simple little tale which tries to speak about a big problem facing our lives at the moment."

Country:  India

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