Saturday, 4 January 2014

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a short Film “WINDOW ON THE WALL” from INDIA, DIRECTED By JAY B GHADIALI.

"Rohan Kapoor (Sachin Shroff) is a name that does not need any introduction in the land of glitz and glamour. Probably the only man who had a meteoric rise to the top. Rohan had everything going for him right, movies, fans, success but it was one thing that he cherished the most was Gayatrri (Gayatrri Jay Ghadiali). The star couple was apple of everyone's eye at the parties. Girls who could not get married to Rohan wanted an understanding guy like Rohan as husbands and young dudes wanted woman like Gayatrri to be their wives. Had their been a competition for ideal couple Rohan and Gayatrri would have demolished competition with the snap of fingers. Demure lady in her 30s who was the corner stone in Rohan's life. All was going well so thought Rohan when fate decided to roll the dice... the string of hits were followed by flops one bigger than the other. Rohan never got back chance to recover or take evasive action.Personal facet of his life also did not remain untouched by bad times, happy times and sweet nothings between the couple turned into fights. If this was not all then fate struck the final blow. Gayatrri is diagnosed with life threatening disease. Gayatrri is concerned not about dying but leaving Rohan unattended, as it was probably she who knew how to tackle Rohan."

Country:  India

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