Sunday, 5 January 2014

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a short Film “Chobi vs Boi” from INDIA, DIRECTED By Abhirup Ghosh.

"This is the story of two filmmakers who believe in two very different forms of film-making. Anirban Sen is a filmmaker who is known for making blockbusters consistently. However, all his films are remakes of South Indian films. On the other hand, Jishnu Sen is a national award winning filmmaker who is loved by critics, but, his problem is that, all of his films are flops at the box office. The two fight over their respective ideals and point of views regularly. However, at one point they get tired of their present destinies. Anirban wants to prove that he can pull of an original 'art' film, while Jishnu desperately wants to make a hit film. So they challenge each other that they can be successful in each other's shoes. 'Chobi vs Boi' presents the eternal fight between 'art films' and 'commercial films' and follows these two filmmakers in their journey to get out of their respective comfort zones and change their destinies."

Country:  India

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