Monday, 6 January 2014

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a Feature film “TOURING TALKIES" from INDIA, DIRECTED By GAJENDRA AHIRE.

"The story of a lone woman Chandi\'s struggle to save her Chandi Touring Talkies from going out of business in the male chauvinistic world of travelling cinema. Chandi\'s arch rival Subhnya tricks her wayward father to pledge her tent in a fixed gambling session and gives her six months to recover her tent. He also steals the screening rights to the latest blockbuster movie from right under her nose, leaving her stranded for options. As she mulls over her predicament enters Avinash an art film maker from a different world of cinema. As Subhnya denies him a screen to play the blockbuster, Chandi and Avinash end up helping each other out. Whether Chandi is able to save her tent or not forms the story."

Country:  India

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