Saturday, 4 January 2014

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a Feature film “WELCOME TO JÄRBO STATE” from SWEDEN, DIRECTED By ANNELIE OLSSON.

"In the film Welcome to Järbo State we follow the life of a small district with a population of fewer than in a high-rise. We face some very real “Järboiter” in the mundane as well as the extraordinary. You can not go unnoticed their great love of big American cars and their fighting spirit to keep the village school, and, not least, that in Järbo you get know the art of hunting elks. The name of the film relates to what happened in the early 80th, when some young guys decided to write to Mr President Ronald Reagan, asking for permission to be the fiftythird State of Amerika. They got a reply, adressed to the the “Mayor of Järbo”, in which Mr President thanked for their proposal, but it does not work that way. But the population of Järbo proudly still continue tell that they live in the State of Järbo."

Country:  Sweden

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