Friday, 3 January 2014

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a short Film “Roshni- Life & Beyond” from INDIA, DIRECTED By RUPA CHAFEKAR.

"Roshni a wife and a working woman, loves her husband Abhishek very much. Her husband also loves her very much but at the same time always keeps doubting her. He always thinks that his wife is keeping secrets from him. He faces drinking problem and also beats up his wife. She also shares a very healthy relationship with one of her friend Virat and thinks she can share her sorrows with him. Mr Jacob an elderly neighbor secretly likes Roshni. In all this suddenly Roshni is killed brutally at her home. Her tragic death is a big question in front of all these men. Who has killed her? Is the killer one of these men or an outsider? How CID Officer Ambika will find it out?."

Country:  India

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