Monday, 6 January 2014

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a Feature film “Sundara” from INDIA, DIRECTED By Deepak kadam.

"Sundarappa is a JOKTA, a transsexual, a devotee of Goddess Yallamma, dresses up and feels like a woman. He is a good soul and is prepared to help anyone and everyone in the village. People love him and respect him.One day he finds a stranger (Tanya) seriously injured at the bank of the river, who would have died if left untreated. Sundarappa, being a kindhearted person, brings him home, looks after him day and night and the stranger is saved. During this process Sundarappa falls in love with Tanya and starts treating him as his husband. Tanya reciprocates as he is obliged to Sundarappa for saving his life.Apsara, a ‘Lavani’ dancer, is sent to the village Patil (rich man) by her own caretaker aunt for the night for the money. Apsara hits Patil and runs away. As luck would have it, she also meets Sundarappa who , being a good soul, brings her home. In due course of time Tanya and Apsara fall in love.Sundarappa finds out about this, is shocked and he cannot take it. Finally he leaves Tanya and Apsara in his house and leaves for an unknown destination still thinking if he has the right to love someone or not."

Country:  India

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