Sunday, 5 April 2015

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a Short film “Majji (The One God Loves)" from India, Directed By Syed Mohd Naved.

This story (majji the one god loves) is about me, you and every one, who live around us, but in a different beautiful world of their own. The story moves around a common man, named majjiwho’s only religion is humanity, a very poor guy, who has not even a single cloth of wear.he meats many people on his way in search of any help, everyone seems to be busy with his own religious talks and thoughts. But according to him (majji), every religion is as beautiful aas he himself.the film shows that every religion is beautiful in itself.but only if we implement it practicaly in our lives. We are sent on earth not only to live, but to help each other so as to make this earth an even better place to live…this story (majji the one god loves) is morally a true story you can see easily people like majji near your home, road and market etc.through this story my point of you is to show that people like majjiare the one god loves.

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