Thursday, 2 April 2015

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a Short film “Paandhrya" from India, Directed By Sandeep Mane.

Paandhrya, whose caste belongs to the nomadic tribes, is from the family earning their living by performing acrobatic feats for their survival. Stealing and begging for food are their regular traits. He attends school in spite of the wrath of her reluctant mother who already has fed up with her drunken husband and worries of daily survival of her little kids. In his school, introvert Paandhrya gets moved by watching a film showing the mother’s love and culture. With this new found consciousness he starves for the true love of mother and on the other side he carries an inferior complex in his mind came out of the white scar on his lips which also gave the pet name called ‘Paandhrya’. One thing of him has become the reason of trouble for not only to his family but for the whole caste. He determined to go to school! For this crime he has to stumble upon his mother, the tribe and the whole society to exist. The moral and social suppression tests his determination. He is cornered by everyone. Doesn’t see any hope. Finally he chooses a path to come out of. He rebels!

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