Thursday 2 January 2020

5th Banjara International Touring Film Festival welcomes the submission of Script Labyrinth from India written by shadab hasnain

5th Banjara International Touring Film Festival welcomes the submission of  Script Labyrinth from India written by Shadab Hasnain

Gaurav works in an IT company in Pune and is in a relationship with Priya who studies in a medical college there. Gaurav is frequently haunted by the fact that he still does not know the real reason behind his father’s death as he died under mysterious conditions when Gaurav was studying in engineering. Back in his hometown Ranchi where Gaurav’s mother lives, a real estate scam surfaces which have engulfed the lifetime income of many families. Gaurav’s mother is moved as she knows some of those families as they are widows. Gaurav visits his hometown to be with his mother. As a call of conscience, Gaurav requests the C.I.D officer Rakesh Sharma to address the case with sincerity as it is a matter of life and death for many. As the story progresses, new secrets are uncovered related to the scam which ends up affecting both Gaurav and Rakesh Sharma.

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