Thursday 2 January 2020

5th Banjara International Touring Film Festival welcomes the submission of Feature Film Love You So Much from India directed by Rajesh Bachchani

5th Banjara International Touring Film Festival welcomes the submission of  Feature Film Love You So Much from India directed by Rajesh Bachchani

Set in the serene hills of Nainital, this is Jagjivan and Suru's story, a story that started 70 years ago, from the very first moment he saw her. They have been happily married for more than half-century, content in the small little world they have built together. Blissful in their daily routine of fighting, making up, teasing, taunting, and loving, and taking care of each other. The only thing that mars their near-perfect existence is Suru's illness. Like many elderly people, Suru suffers from dementia. During these episodes, her mind reverts to living in her distant past. Everything in the present fades away but she always comes back to him.
Late one night, a thief enters their home to steal a simple old heater and everything changes. What starts as a confrontation between the couple and the thief, develops into a friendship of sorts. The relationship between the thief and Suru evolves, bonding over their shared love of Urdu poetry. His respect for her slowly turns into devotion and her taunts become more maternal. One evening, the thief recites one of his favorite poems Suru stops. Suru the chatterbox falls silent, her smile disappears.

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