Sunday, 3 July 2016

3rd Navi Mumbai International Film Festival NMIFF-2016 welcomes the submission of Student Shorts "ENTREZ DANS LA DANSE-JOIN IN THE DANCE" from France, Directed by LAURENT FRAPAT.

"ENTREZ DANS LA DANSE-JOIN IN THE DANCE" is the story about India which is beautifully being presented in the form of Dance. Home of many languages, cultures and religions, India is known the world over as the land of dance. They share the same passion. From the youngest to the oldest, everybody dances. Julie Bruyere, an occidental professional cabaret dancer from Paris is taking us to a fantastic journey in India to discover this colorful country, his traditions, mythologies and culture through dance. This journey begins in the desert of Rajasthan where she discover a Kalbelya tribe that used to be snake charmers and practice an ancient dance of the same name tribute to snake. She is also going to meet dance school teachers to see what dance is taught today, to end up in Mumbai for a challenge of a lifetime; to transform into a Bollywood heroine. A real priviledge as the temple of Indian cinema rarely open its door.

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