Thursday, 5 May 2016

3rd Navi Mumbai International Film Festival NMIFF-2016 welcomes the submission of a Feature Film "Ahl-e-Suluk - People of the Sufi Path" from India, Directed by Sk.Abdul Rajjak.

"Ahl-e-Suluk - People of the Sufi Path" is a story that tries to focus on the marginal people, the masses who follow the Sufi path.They come to different Sufi Shrines, believing they will get mental and physical peace and happiness. These ordinary Indian Muslims are very much part of Indian legacy, culture and adjusting to the pluralistic society of India. It establishes that Sufism, the mystical aspect of Islam, is an integral part of the Muslim world. It has all along represented the essence of Islamic spirituality. The film necessarily involves conversations and interviews with Sufi scholars. It also takes opinions of orthodox schools and tries to create a dialogue which obviously shows that their opinions do not affect the majority Muslims.

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