Thursday, 11 February 2016

3rd Navi Mumbai International Film Festival NMIFF-2016 welcomes the submission of a Short Film "ZU KLEIN FÜR DIESE WELT-TOO SMALL FOR THIS WORLD" from Germany, Directed by Keno Bültena.

"ZU KLEIN FÜR DIESE WELT-TOO SMALL FOR THIS WORLD" is the story of Anne and a strange boy. To enjoy the day, Anne simply wants to hang out in the park with her little sister. Lying on the grass, Anne realizes she is being watched by a slender boy, who has been following and drawing sketches of her. In addition, her ex-boyfriend would not stop bothering her about getting back together. Once the boy comes home, his alcoholic father starts bullying and debasing him while the boy remains silent. When his father is done, the boy hangs up his drawings of Anne on the walls of his room. The next day Anne is found in the park yet again. When the boy starts drawing her, she decides that it is time to confront him about his impertinence. But again, he remains silent and runs away until an empty park bench strikes him. Memories of a conversation with his older brother come up, who tries to explain why he cannot accommodate his little brother. Using sign language, the boy gives vent to his frustration. His brother shows him a photograph of his new girlfriend, Anne. He asks him to make a drawing of her. The boy takes the photograph in his own hands and darts off, laughing, with his brother on his heels. In the middle of the fun chase, his brother gets hit by a car. A movement catches the boy’s eye and takes him back to the presence. Not far away, Anne is molested by her ex. The boy calls attention to him and gets into a fight with the ex-boyfriend. After he slams his pencil into his rival’s leg and brings him to fall, he runs away in fear, leaving Anne alone. Several days later, he leaves a note with all his drawings of Anne at her doorstep and asks for shelter. Anne agrees and lets him in.

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