Monday, 2 September 2013

Seminar On Film Making Aspects By NMIFF at Pune, India

We have been nurturing a strong passion to spread the word about NMIFF since it’s announcement and received an invitation from VEDA college, PAI International Learning Solutions, Pune, India  for a Seminar covering various aspects of filmmaking and pouring in an enthusiasm for those who had been looking for an opportunity of this kind.
 The seminar in the college was conducted by three of our team members. Our festival director, Mr Ashok Purang whose name smacks of accolades in the field of writing, theatre ,direction & film production spoke on various aspects of filmmaking & script writing and simultaneously was turning a lot many eyeballs. This was followed by an interactive session where we held on to the students’ anxieties and their well carved out apprehensions and enthusiasm.

All said and done, it was a delightful experiences and we tried covering in the maximum number of issues that could possibly be raised.The grandiosity of the festival was applauded and appreciated by the enthusiasts and we couldn’t help but gape at their freshness and vigour.



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