Monday, 30 September 2013

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a short film " Suitcase " from India , DIRECTED by Krishnendu Karar.

"The story of ‘Suitcase’ revolves around the relationship between an aged couple.In their 49 years of marriage whenever they had an argument, wife would invariably threaten to leave husband and return to her father’s house. However, she would later justify her staying back with her husband as she could not possibly carry the heavy trunks they had all by herself. But now, things were different; she had a suitcase recently gifted by her elder son.
One fine day an altercation takes place between the husband and wife regarding a marriage proposal for their daughter.Their clash of egos takes an ugly turn and husband decides to get a divorce. Shocked by her husband’s decision, wife had a dream in which the suitcase turns out to be an integral part of their divorce case. The rest of the story portrays the interplay of intricate relationships between the wife, her husband and the suitcase."

Country: India

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