Sunday, 29 September 2019

5th Banjara International Touring Film Festival welcomes the submission of Feature Film Aaradi from India directed by Santhosh Kumar

Synopsis: In India caretaker of the cemetery are treated as lowest of mankind. Ladies are not permitted to attend the funeral at the graveyard. Marappan, the caretaker of a cemetery, wants to re-marry. Fearing Step-mother’s harassment, his elder daughter Thamarai (aged-17) opposes re-marriage and vows to stay unmarried till her brother Paramu (aged-9) and sister Malli (aged-3) grow up and lives for them. She wants the kids to study well and prosper with some other jobs. When grown-up, Paramu wants Thamarai to be married and arrange for the prospective bridegroom. Unfortunately, he dies in an accident in which Marappan’s one hand is paralyzed. Thamarai is forced to bury Paramu and takes up father’s job, while Malli plays instrument ‘Thappattai’ (a kind of drum) at funerals.
Raja, a journalist who prefers to write totally different news articles, sees the two sisters doing the cremating work, comes often to the graveyard, to study the girls and gather information for a magazine, falls in love with Thamarai. Thamarai also develops a soft corner for him.
Fearing society to stop their love, Raja’s father asks Thamarai to get 10 sovereigns of gold jewels and 1 lakh rupees as dowry for marriage (which is very difficult for poor). However, Marappan agrees to the condition. Unable to go back on his words, Raja’s father makes arrangement for the wedding. The day before marriage, Marappan loses the money. Marriage stops. Marappan dies. The money is found and returned. Ridden with guilt, Raja’s father accepts Thamarai wholeheartedly as his daughter-in-law. Thamarai refuses marriage since Malli has no one else now. Thamarai sets fire to her father’s body. The two sisters carry on with the cremating job, living for one another.

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