Wednesday, 19 July 2017

4th Banjara International Film Festival welcomes the submission of Student Shot "Vinita Love @ Dream" from India, directed by Sumit Kumar Sinha.

Synopsis: Raj is a young boy with two belongings- his sister Sheenu and his best friend Mithu. Raj has fallen for a girl 'Vinita' who he meets in his dreams. She only appears when he’s deep asleep. One morning Raj wakes up to find that Vinita would never appear anymore. Since Raj has now become addicted to Vinita’s company, he desperately tries to dream her again. But later, due to excessive intake of sleeping pills, he dies. Raj’s astral version is active in a subconscious. Then, he reaches into a dream where he meets Mithu, only to find out that he had no family and Vinita is real.

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