Sunday, 26 October 2014

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a Short film “BHARJA:The Wife” from India, Directed By Arunava Mukherjee.

 Lajo, a young lady, gave birth to her first girl child. Thereafter, she had to abort twice, after her husband came to know that she had female foeticide in her womb. During the period, Lajo was subjected to a lot of insults and sufferings because of not being able to bear a male child. The following year she again conceived. Her husband threatened to kill her and her unborn child if she again gave birth to a girl child. However, the sonography test confirmed that Lajo had conceived a male child. Her husband soon made her feel important and pampered her. She was very well take care of by her husband. However, one night Lajo self-demolished herself and her unborn child to take revenge upon her husband, for all the insults and sufferings and then to shatter the male egoism of her husband and the male dominated world at large ...

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