Friday, 3 October 2014

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a Feature Film “Rodor Sithi : SCARE CROW” from India, Directed By Baharul Islam.

The struggle between what ought to be as part of being a human:  a man, a lover, a poet, a father and what a human is turned into by the society. The seeking of the inner truth v/s the pressures of modern urban life. The sharp edges of selfish ambition and fears contrasting with softer emotions like compassion and generosity, Scare Crow is a story of a woman who was chased as a witch by society because she questioned the superstitions and ancient norms.The film starts with the death anniversary of the father and throws a strong philosophical outlook of the whole family. Where is the youth at this point in time, what are their insecurities & dilemmas? What lures the people nowadays? Is Love ever really lost? Is a parent merely a parent? Could the eternal emotions like love and compassion ever be doubted? Is the “I” bigger than the fabric of relations that we live in? Why is nature only giving? Can love be just to see someone’s eyes and dance in the rain? The film looks at many different social aspects in a lyrical imagination and aspires to invoke an introspection.

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