Wednesday 30 March 2016

3rd Navi Mumbai International Film Festival NMIFF-2016 welcomes the submission of a Professional Shorts "Questionmark" from India, Directed by Dayasagar Wankhede & Hemant Dhabade

"Questionmark" is the story all about the Agricultural present and future scope in India. A father himself finished off his existence after loosing in front of extremely huge drought. While parting his way from this world, he told his inheritor "Do not become a farmer". He kept his father's last words inside his heart and took his way to school. Since our childhood we have been taught that India is an agricultural nation. But then the real question arises, "Is this actually true"? A farmer hangs himself and media makes it a breaking news and brings his life in public, on roads. This question had risen in the heart of an actor during his schooling and he turned his back from the school. The future of the farmer is going away from the education and he is building his own school and asking us all a question, " Is India really an Agricultural nation"? 

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