Tuesday, 29 December 2015

3rd Navi Mumbai International Film Festival NMIFF-2016 welcomes the submission of a feature film "Round About Stories" from India,Directed by Pranabes chandra.

"Round About Stories" is a film that comprises of three short films as sales executive Nirmal Dutta narrates three of his stories to co-passenger Saptarshi Roy, a struggling film-maker, when they meet in an overnight train journey. Strangely, the stories written by hardcore salesman Nirmal Dutta in his free times seem to have some connection or similarity with incidents of Saptarshi’s personal life. Each story is about different people entrapped in situations that are not favourable. Each story deals with human emotions like fear, lust, greed, love, loyalty, insecurity in the backdrop of changing circumstances. For instance, the first story “ARTIST” is about a poor village boy who is extremely talented but never gets recognized for his own piece of work. “GHORSAWAR” or “HORSE CART WALLAH” is on an orphan young man working for the village chief whose commitment to his master takes a fatal turn and kills his wife. “TO BE AN ACTOR” is about an ambitious day-dreamer who wants to be a film hero but fails repeatedly to bag a role, ironically helping another girl to get a role in a film, for his own satisfaction. Two strangers casual chit-chats inside a train coupe end with a significance. Years after Nirmal Dutta get a phone call from Saptarshi, a renowned film maker of that time.

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