Sunday, 13 September 2015

3rd NMIFF 2016 welcomes the submission of a short film “PUNISH ME DIE" from India ,Directed by PARTHA SARATHI MANNA

The world punishes the human being for his sins. However some of the sins, committed by human beings are not known to the world but known only to the sinner. When he realizes the gravity of the sin, his conscience pricks him so much that he is not able to forgive himself. “ Punish Me Die” is the story of a brave soldier. Officer Arjun Singh is very brave in the field of battle, and the bullets from his rifle would always hit the target enemy. But he also succumbs to the greed of earning more money. Arjun Singh starts collecting the arms, from the enemy nationals who hide in the border and caught. He starts selling these arms to the Naxalites for good money. One day a fiery encounter takes place in his village between the police and the naxalites. Many civilians lost their lives in this encounter and one of them happens to be the mother of Arjun Singh. When Arjun Singh reaches home, he finds his mother’s dead body. He also sees the weapon, which had taken the life of his mother, lying next to her body. He recognizes the gun as sold by him to the naxalites. Today Arjun Singh realizes the grave mistake he had committed and he decides to punish himself “ Punish Me Die”

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  1. I wish i will punish you,heheeh.