Saturday, 17 January 2015

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a Short film “Death of an Artist" from India, Directed By Vijay Kumar.

This film is about a Theater Artist. Who belongs to a Haryanvi (Haryana) lower middle class family. He has studied Theater Art. He is searching job for a long time. But he could not get job and respect through his Art, because of today's business mind industry, which believes in making money and commercial success. They also take money from Artist to give a chance in their film. That is why The Art of This Theater Artist gets deadly treatment from the producers and he has to do Labor to survive. Every time he finds himself to go on labor and return home in the night with meagre wages and feels Death of his Dreams.In this way When an Artist Dreams are Dead, at that time he feels that his body is now without a soul and it useless.

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