Thursday, 18 September 2014

NMIFF welcomes the entry of a Feature Film “Arde Lucus” from Spain, Directed By Brais Revaldería.

1700 years ago the wall of Lucus Augusti watched over the so called world in the present the descendants of the Roman and Castrexo´s (Celtic) people that lived in the area recreate the most important festival about the Roman Empire in the world. 13 years ago everything began because of the proclamation of the wall of the city as World Heritage only a few people was attending that day to this event today all the city becomes a little part of the ancient Rome bringing back the Gladiators fighting for their lives in the sand of the Circus Gods and mythological creatures running all over the city and the Soldiers and Praetorians looking to keep save the Emperor Cesar Augusto from the Castrexos threat. The Great Lucus Augusti comes to live again every 2nd weekend of June to make real one of the most original and interesting historic recreations ever seen.

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